Connecting a number through registration with deferred verification. Instruction manual

Registration with deferred verification is a quick and easy way to connect a number to the WhatsApp Business API. Unlike the classic registration, with the help of registration with deferred verification, you get access to WABA instantly, and the company's verification takes place against the background of an already working API.

Attention! Due to the constant change of the FB infrastructure of its services, Registration with deferred verification is becoming the main way to connect a number to the WhatsApp Business API. Subscribe to our informational Telegram support channel: This way you will be able to follow and be the first to know about the latest changes to the WhatsApp Business API.

There are two more important details to keep in mind when registering with deferred verification:
1 - Initially and until the end of verification, the number will be available to you with restrictions;
2 - Despite the restrictions, the number is paid in full from the moment you complete the registration form for the connection.

In detail, but interesting enough, we analyze the features of registration here.

Preliminary stage            

First of all, make sure that the following information is available to you:

- Valid Facebook Business Manager ID. It can be found in your personal account in Facebook Business Manager in the Business info section, you also need to fill in the primary business data. If you are not registered there, then you should do it. Registration in Facebook Business Manager is a necessary element for working with WhatsApp Business API.

- A valid phone number. A detailed tutorial on choosing a number can be found here.

Please note that if the number is used in WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App applications, it will not be possible to register it. First you need to delete WhatsApp account. You can find out how to do this here. It is worth bearing in mind that if you specify a number and pass verification, and then decide to use another one, excluding the old one from the API, then it will not be so easy to withdraw the number from the WhatsApp Business API database of numbers. To do this, you will need to issue a separate application. The withdrawal of a number from the WhatsApp Business API number database can take from 10 to 90 days.
You can have no more than 2 WhatsApp Business numbers on an unverified account. After verification of the company - up to 25. Approval will be required from 25 and individual conditions will be provided to you.

- Our affiliate referral link. You can find it in your personal Chat API account. Please note that we provide the API in subscription format. In other words, you need to subscribe to complete registration and connect the number to the WhatsApp Business API. We refund the funds if something goes wrong.  You can find out more about the tariffs and payment terms here.

After you have made sure that you have all the necessary information, you can proceed to the stage of filling out the form to connect WhatsApp Business API.

Stage 1. Fill out the registration form with deferred verification
First of all, select a tariff plan and a method of registration with deferred verification in your Stat API personal account.

When filling out the form, use reliable information, prescribe the company name as indicated on your website in compliance with the FB rules. If you are worried that you would like to see a different organization name in the WhatsApp profile display name, then it is possible to change the display name in the future by coordinating this with Facebook.

You will need to subscribe to continue registration.


1 -After signing up, you will be transferred back to the registration form. Contact your Facebook account. Create a new one or select your existing Facebook Business Account;
2 - Create a WhatsApp Business Profile:
- Specify the display name of the company (display name) - specify the name of your company, which is displayed in public sources (site page). It is better to write the name without changes;
- Select the business category and the direction of the company's activity - in other words, specify what your organization does;
3 - Verify your number - Enter it in the required field, after which you will receive a code to the number that you will need to enter on the website to pass verification and complete registration.

This video demonstrates in detail the process of filling out the form:


After successfully filling out the form, you will receive an email with information from 360 Dialog. In this letter you will find a link to go to the 360 Dialog personal account. If the email has not arrived, then be sure to check the spam basket. Without access to your personal account, you will not be able to generate an API KEY.

Confirmation of the request in Facebook Business Manager

Within a day after submitting the form to 360 Dialog, you will receive a request to Facebook Business Manager. It needs to be accepted, your confirmation is necessary for the number to become active. To do this:
1 - Go to Facebook Business Manager Settings;
2 - Choose a company;
3 - Select the queries section in the menu on the left;
4 - Click accept.


Next, you will receive an email confirming the request "Accept Message on Behalf of Successful".

3 - Generate API KEY and Address

In your personal account, you will be able to generate your API KEY and Address. Copy them and save them in a safe place. The API KEY will need to be entered in your Chat API dashboard.


360 Dialog Personal account is an important tool for working and connecting the API. Through it, you can create message templates and send them for moderation on Facebook.

That's it, congratulations on the successful registration of the number in WhatsApp Business API. If you have any questions or difficulties with registration, then write to us, we will be happy to help.


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