Flow editor interface


On our platform you can create any convenient flow that suits your business needs.
Creating a flowTo create a script, go to your account, go to "Flow builder" and click "Create"
Operations with the flow

A flow can be renamed, duplicated or remove. To do this, click the three dots on the right side of the flow line and click the desired operation.



After changing the name, press Enter to save.


The name of the duplicate begins with "Copy..."


Deleting a flow is irreversible. If you really want to delete the script, click "OK".

Default Flow

Any of your scenarios can be made a default flow. If you have only one flow created, it automatically becomes the start flow. There can only be one start flow, and that is where your bot's interaction with the user will start. The start flow is marked with a green line to the left of the flow name.

How to move through a flow

Use the zoom in, zoom out, and center buttons at the bottom of the box to easily move through your flow.

Blocks menu

The blocks menu is on the left side of the flow mode.

Add a block to the flow

To add a block to the script, simply select the block, click and drag it to the flow box.

Connect to another block

Typically, flow contain several types of blocks, depending on the complexity of the process. Each block contains several connection points. They are indicated by gray circles. The blocks in the flow are connected with lines going from one block to another. To connect the blocks, you must click on the starting point (circle) next to which it says "Next Step" and draw a line to the point of the block with which you want to connect the starting block. If you want to connect one of the buttons in the message to another block, you must draw a line from the gray point (circle) to the desired block.


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