Instructions for number migration

Briefly about migration. Reasons and order of transition

Number migration is transferring Chat API client numbers to the official messengers Business API from Comp. Two main reasons cause the transition:

1- Comp's significantly increased attention to the messengers API, associated with the risks of being banned and losing customer numbers, as well as legal consequences from Comp lawsuits;

2 – Our ability to provide customers with access to the messengers Business API, while maintaining the terms of cooperation and protecting customers from the risk of losing the number.


Your subscription will be rescheduled. We will keep the price you paid us before switching to the messengers Business API.

In some ways, this is a unique opportunity for our customers; no one in the messengers market has ever offered such favorable conditions for connecting MESAPI, and it is unlikely that it will ever be.

The link in the letter carries out the transition or the notification sent to you through the Chat API personal account.

The transition is automated and simplified as much as possible; all you have to do is fill out the registration form. All the MESAPI documentation has already been brought into line with the Chat API documentation; you will not have to rebuild your work - you can immediately start sending simple messages, but to send messages with media files, you will need to master the creation of template messages.


It is also not necessary to pass business verification. Still, if you want to discover more opportunities to work with MESAPI, then go through it in the future, our instructions can help you with this.

You will not be able to continue using the number without switching, if you have received a migration notification, it means that a warning has been issued to your number and it may soon be blocked.

The following materials will be useful to you during the migration process:

1 - How is the registration of the number;
2 –How to send messages in messengers Business Manager;
3 –How payment for dialogs in messengers works;
4 –How to add interactive buttons to messages.

Detailed instructions for migrating the number. Answers to basic questions and solving errors

The registration process begins with the transition to the messengers Business API registration form, through which the number is connected to MESAPI. You can find the document in notifications or the Stat API personal account in the block with your instance.

Step one

Follow the link. You will have to check your number for the possibility of creating a MESAPI instance - specify it in the appropriate window, and we will automatically scan it. If everything is fine, you will move on to the second stage.

Before migrating, it is essential to remove your messengers Account from the messengers application -more about this here. If you do not do this, your number will not pass verification.


Step two

Enter your email address and company details and accept the agreement with the terms of the 360 Dialog policy. Everything is quite simple here. Specify your active working email, and in the name of the business, specify the name of the company you represent.


If you do not have a company or other legal entity, specify the name of the business you have and confirm, for example, with a Comp page.

Important! You will be able to connect a messengers Business API number without a legal entity, but your ability to use the number will be limited. Read more about it here. At the same time, you will be able to remove them in the future with the help of verification of your business.

As soon as you accept the agreement, unique, individual login and password will be generated for you to log into the 360 Dialog personal account.

Step three

Communication with Comp Business Manager (Comp Business Manager). Your number is linked through a provider, but with the direct participation of Comp, so it is essential to pay attention to creating an account in Comp Business manager.  You can make a personal statement in Comp Business Manager through the registration form, but it is better to do it through the website. This is also mandatory since the messengers Business API is an official Comp solution. Business Info is necessary to check your account for compliance with messengers's trade policy; pay special attention to this.

The most important block for you is information about the company or Business Info. It will need to specify details about your business. We pay special attention to the website – it must be active and relevant; if you do not have a website, you can specify the public page of your business on Comp.

Step four

Enter the unique username and password generated for you.

Continue registering via Comp.

Fill out the application form for a messengers business account, a detailed video instruction will help you with this, as well as this instruction:


Generating API KEY

This is the final step of registration. Generate an API KEY in your 360 Dialog dashboard and paste it into your Chat API dashboard.

That's it, congratulations on the successful registration of the MESAPI number!

After connecting the number, the following MESAPI features will be available to you.

You can send messages without creating templates using our automation tools, but templates are essential for working with MESAPI; they allow you to start communicating with customers. More about it here.

During the registration process, you may encounter the following errors:

1- The SMS with the code does not arrive. When PIN verification of a number or communication with Comp Business Manager does not receive a 6-digit code. In this case, you can use the following procedure to solve the problem:

1 - Check the availability of the phone number and whether you have disabled the ability to receive messages;
2 - Check if the number is not connected to IVR to IP telephony; if yes - disconnect it;
3 - After several unsuccessful attempts, you may be asked to accept a call instead of SMS; try this method;
4 - Try to continue registration using another VPN or log in through another browser;
5 - If the SMS still does not come, then difficulties may be associated with downloading the provider; wait from an hour to two, then try again.

2 - Inability to complete registration of the number.

If this banner does not pass for a long time (from 15 minutes), it means that, most likely, due to the load on the server, the process of creating a stack of numbers was disrupted. Clear the cache, restart the browser and try again. If the banner error does not disappear within 5-10 minutes, write to our support: the number will be connected manually.

3 - Wacore error when trying to send a message. If you have not passed the messengers Trade Policy compliance check, this error appears. The first thing to do is check your Comp Business Manager personal account, Business Info section.

Most likely, the information you provided was not enough for messengers to consider the verification passed. Fill out the Business Info section. If this does not help, write to us, and we will accompany you with additional instructions.

More about migration. Find out all the benefits you will get together with the transition to MESAPI.

The Chat API company conducts a unique program to connect its customers to the official messengers Business API; if you have received this notification, it means that we are ready to provide you with access to MESAPI while maintaining all the terms of cooperation that we have established with you, as well as adding to them all the advantages of the official messengers Business API solutions, these include:

 1 – Full preservation of the price you paid before the transition. Access to MESAPI, on average, costs users from $ 50 to $ 220 per month; it is simply difficult to imagine more favorable price conditions;

 2 – 1000 free dialogues per month, you will be able to communicate with customers without additional expenses for sending template messages;

 3 – Official MESAPI status. Customer engagement in communication increases by 34% when a message is sent from an official messengers account. Customer loyalty increases due to official positioning;

4 – The presence of a unique interactive functionality of MESAPI. Interactive buttons Quick replay, Call to action, and List message will allow you to build communication with customers more effectively and diversify the bot’s functionality – customers like simple communication, and buttons simplify interaction and increase the speed of responses.

5 – messengers green checkmark. Take your business to a new level! It is only through the messengers Business API that you can get a green mark of the official business account; this significantly increases brand awareness and user trust;

 6 – Guaranteed security of your number and the entire customer base. Your number may be blocked for non-payment or for violation of the trade policy, which will involve restriction of its use. But you will never lose the number; it will not be banned and will not be blocked by messengers.

 This is only part of the advantages that await you when migrating to MESAPI; we note that Comp's control and attention to unofficial solutions are increasing. It will soon become impossible to use other keys besides MESAPI or involve significant risks of losing the number. On the other hand, messengers Business API is becoming more and more loyal to small and medium-sized businesses and is easy to work with.

 If you have appreciated the new features, you are probably wondering the transition procedure is going? Here we have done everything possible to ensure that migration takes place smoothly, unnoticeably for you, and requires a minimum of effort about this:

  - All MESAPI documentation is already paired and translated into the language of working with the service familiar to Chat API customers;

 - Migration takes place automatically; all you need is to fill out the registration form, which is provided to you in the letter and the notification;

- To connect with MESAPI, you do not need to pass business verification; you can start working with MESAPI right away. You will only need to open a personal account in Comp Business Manager. You can do this through the registration form itself, but it is better to approach this more thoroughly and create a personal account in Comp Business Manager before filling out the form;

 - You don't need to learn how to create template messages; you can immediately start sending them to customers.

 As you can see, we have done everything possible to make the transition smooth and unnoticeable fo; we; we have kept all the conditions of cooperation for you. This is a unique offer that no one has yet voiced on the messengers market. We understand that abandoning the old approach to work may seem unexpected. Still, we would not have done this if we did not understand that working with the messengers Business API is a good investment in the future, the safety and security of your number, and the development and promotion of your business.

Write to us if you have any questions about working with messengers Business API , we will be happy to help you. You can find out all the latest news on the work of the service in our telegram channel.

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