Display Name or WhatsApp Display Name. What are these requirements, how to set or change the name of the organization?

WhatsApp Display Name is the name of the organization that you set when you register a number in your WhatsApp business account via Facebook Business Manager or through your WhatsApp Business API provider.

As a rule, the display name corresponds to the name of your organization, which you specified when verifying your Facebook Business Manager account and in the documents that you sent, respectively.

Questions immediately arise: will WhatsApp display the full name of the organization? How do users see my account? Can I change my name?

About everything in order. First of all, it is worth talking about the limitations of Display Name. For Facebook, it is important that the name of the organization helps users establish contact between companies and customers, in other words, the name should not be misleading, as well as violate WhatsApp's trade and other rules.

 Rule  Examples
The company's display name should not violate the principles of WhatsApp's trade policy.

So WhatsApp is against the sale of cigarettes and alcohol, medical consultations, a number of financial services and several other types of activities. Therefore, the name should not be associated with these products and services in any way, even if your business is partially related to them.
Suitable name: Brick Retail Chain.
Inappropriate name: Alcoholic product line Brick.

You can have multiple numbers and each number can have its own display name.
The display name should clearly convey the specifics of the company or product and not mislead users.

Not suitable examples of the company name:
- Full name of an individual – "Ivan Ivanovich"
- Abstract name - "Technology".
- Geographical names - "Peter".
- Slogans or a long description – " Only forward!"

The brand name must be agreed with external sources, for example, with the site. In other words, you can not take the Display name from the air, it must be associated with widely advertised sources. For example, the company name: "Unique and multi-faceted brick" is suitable if the same name is displayed on your website.  

Facebook may not approve the Display Name if you deviate from the original version by specifying:
- A very unique and multi-faceted brick-added a new word.
- U and M Brick-abbreviations appeared.
Political organizations undergo a separate coordination with the FB team.  

FB also has a list of rules for the format of writing text when specifying the Display name.

These rules will not apply to you if the company's name is initially indicated in the same way on the website or in the documents that you sent for verification. Here is a list of rules:

- The company name cannot consist only of capital letters. Suitable option: Tea Workshop. Not a suitable option: A TEA WORKSHOP.
- Be careful with spaces and spaces between words. If there are no intervals in the company name, then you should not enter them in the Display name.
- Do not add any extra characters, emoticons, symbols, except in cases when they are initially present in the name of your company, for example, quotation marks.  
- The name should not contain URL designations-ru, com, bz.   
- Display name must consist of at least three characters.
- You can not attribute any extra words to the company name, except for the name of the country or region, the company department or the conditional function of the contact number, and also that the number has the status of "demo" or "test". For example, it will be acceptable to specify: Home goods Support service.

How will users see the display name in WhatsApp?

FaceBook distinguishes two types of business accounts. Official business account and just a business account. Based on which account you have, there will be differences in showing the Display name to customers.

A simple business account is any number that has gained access to the official WhatsApp Business API or a number that has been connected to the WhatsApp Business APP. At the same time, users, if they have not yet added the number to the phone book, will see the number itself and the company name just to the right and below your WhatsApp profile. In addition, when opening the chat, the client will receive a notification that your number belongs to a business account.

An official business account is a number that has passed the FB verification and proved that it is a genuine number of a well-known business. In this case, users, even if they have not yet added the number to the notebook, will see the company name and the coveted green check mark.

The good news is that FB checks every business account for the possibility of upgrading the status. In order to increase the chances of getting a green check mark, Facebook advises:

- Configure two-factor authentication in FB Business manager;
- Pass business verification;
- The rating level of the number should not be lower than the second;
- And of course, to be a well-known and famous business.

In addition, you can speed up the process of assigning the status of an official business account by writing to the FaceBook support service. We wrote more about the process of getting a green check mark here.

How do I change my name?

To change the name, you can contact the 360 Dialog personal account and select the appropriate section. When changing the name, you need to remember that:

- name change is a process that FaceBook will consider and, accordingly, confirm or reject the name change. Here you will need the rules that we discussed above;

- you will have to wait up to 30 days between each interaction when editing the Display name.

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