Price and payment procedure for the WhatsApp Business API from the Chat API

We will analyze as openly and informatively as possible how and for what funds are charged for connecting to the WhatsApp Business API.

Payment for the WhatsApp Business API can be divided into two large segments:
- Monthly subscription fee for hosting the number;
- Payments for sending template messages.

The very connection of the number to the WhatsApp Business API and support during registration is free of charge.

Subscription payments for hosting numbers

This is the amount that will be debited from you at the beginning of each month for the connected WhatsApp Business API number-it is equal to 39 dollars. When connecting more numbers, individual conditions can be agreed upon.

If you pay for the number immediately for a year, then its connection will also cost you 30 dollars per month.

From February 2022, FB will change the approach to WhatsApp Business API payments. You can find out about the new room pricing rules here.  Also subscribe to our support information channel to always be aware of important WhatsApp innovations:

The cost of template messages (mailings)
Some of the messages you send to WhatsApp are paid. First of all, these are templates of messages in the "Notifications" format, which initiates communication with users. For example, you send a template message to a client about a change in its status in a financial transaction. Such a message is paid and "opens" a 24-hour dialog box inside which all subsequent messages will be free. Detailed information about message templates and rules for working with them can be found here.

The cost of such messages is set directly by Facebook and may vary depending on the following factors:

- from the dollar exchange rate;
- it depends on the number of messages that you have sent during the entire time of working with the number. So the first 250,000 messages have one price tag, the next 500,000 are slightly less and this negative progression continues up to 25 million messages;
- from the recipient country. The cost of the message is determined by the country code of the recipient of the message;
- from the internal pricing policy of your WhatsApp Business API partner.

Please note that we do not charge an additional fee for messages. You pay without extra charge. Our prices for messages are fully consistent with the prices of Facebook. You can get acquainted with the official price list here.

Payment procedure and guarantees

To begin with, the order of payment for hosting numbers and template messages strongly depends on the requirements and rules of Facebook, which we rely on in the process of working with clients. Facebook sends reports and debits funds at the beginning of each month. If the number was connected in the middle of the month, the amount to be debited will be proportionally equal to the number of days of the active API, to which the amount of paid template messages sent for the original month is added.

Now about how the payment for our services is arranged. The Chat API works in the subscription format. To connect to the WhatsApp Business API, you will first need to subscribe through your personal account.

After subscribing, you will be charged for one full month of using the WhatsApp Business API, which will be used to pay for the next month after successful registration. The amount for a part-time working month is charged in proportion to the days of the active API.

For example, you signed up for a subscription on September 12, 39 dollars were debited from you. You managed to successfully register and connect WhatsApp Business API on September 19. By the end of the month, you have also made a marketing newsletter for a total amount of 19 dollars. Therefore, at the beginning of October, 19 dollars + 14,3 dollars will be debited from you (the amount proportional to the number of days of active API access in September). At the same time, you do not pay for the subscription fee for October, since the money for this month has already been debited when you subscribe. If you cancel our services before the API is actually enabled, we will refund the debited funds to you.

Schematically, the whole process can be depicted as follows:

- Registration in the Chat API and the choice of the method of registration(connection) of the WhatsApp Business API;
- Signing up for a subscription in the Chat API personal account on WhatsApp Business API;
- Debiting of 39 dollars. This amount reserves for you one full month of active WhatsApp Business API, following the month in which the number is successfully connected;
- The amount is debited in proportion to the days of the active API at the beginning of a new month for the incomplete month in which the API was activated.

Funds will be debited for hosting numbers and paid messages at the beginning of the month.

Features of payment for template messages (mailings)

We keep internal records, and also receive reports from Facebook on the number of template messages sent by customers who initiated communication with the user or who went beyond the 24-hour free dialog box.

If during the mailing process the cost of messages exceeded the amount of $ 30, recalculated in rubles at the moment at the exchange rate of the Central Bank, then this amount in rubles is debited from your account, even before the beginning of the next billing month. If you made a mailing list for $ 29 during the month (you did not cross the $ 30 threshold), the money will be debited from the account at the beginning of the next month.

If it is impossible to debiting funds for some reason (for example, there are not enough funds), then we suspend the operation of the number until the circumstances are clarified. At the end of the month, you can request a reconciliation of the calculations. If the numbers do not match, we will refund your money.

Ways to connect the WhatsApp Business API and the differences in their payment

To subscribe, you will need to choose one of the registration options, there are only two of them - the classic approach to registration and registration with deferred verification.

We suggest that you use the option of registration with deferred verification, because this way you get instant access to the WhatsApp Business API, which is a strong advantage, while we will analyze the calculation procedure in both cases:

Attention! At the moment, you will not be able to register a WhatsApp Business API number following the stages of classic registration, this is due to the fact that FB is constantly changing the infrastructure of its services and with classic registration it has become impossible to verify your business in Facebook Business Manager. Refer to the registration with deferred verification to connect the WhatsApp Business API number. Also subscribe to our informational Telegram support channel: this way you can stay up to date with all the latest changes in the service.

The classic version of registration

The peculiarity of the classic registration is that to connect to the WhatsApp Business API, you first need to pass the company's verification in Facebook Business Manager. This process can take from several days to a month.

In this case, 39 dollars are debited from you and the funds are reserved until you connect to the API. At the same time, after successful verification, the reserved money will be used to pay for the next month after successful registration, as described above.

It is quite possible that you started Verification in early September,and got access to the API on exactly the 30th, then you do not pay anything for October and the payment issue will be raised again only on November 1.

If you failed to pass verification in the classic way, the reserved funds can be redirected to the registration with deferred verification, when access to the API is provided to you immediately, and verification takes place in parallel with the working WhatsApp Business API.

All debited funds will be credited back to your account if you refuse to connect to the WhatsApp Business API and cancel your subscription. Detailed refund rules will be described below.

Registration option with deferred verification

When registering with deferred verification, you immediately get access to the WhatsApp Business API, and the verification and verification of your business takes place in parallel with active access to the API features. Until the end of Facebook's confirmation of your business, the number will be associated with a number of restrictions. Read more about this here.

The check can last up to 30 days, but, as a rule, it passes many times faster. At the same time, funds for hosting numbers are debited in full immediately, despite the presence of restrictions. For Facebook, the fact that the number is connected and it does not provide for separate tariffs for the mode of operation with restrictions is important.

The calculation rule is proportional to the days of the active API and the debiting of funds by the primary subscription for the next month after successful registration is also valid for registration with deferred verification. The only difference is that the number will be available to you immediately after filling out the form and completing registration.

Cancel your subscription and get a refund. The rule of the reserve month.

Pay attention to the perhaps not the fairest, but mandatory calculation rule that Facebook declares. For simplicity, we called this rule "Reserve Month".
If you decide to abandon the WhatsApp Business API and delete the number, the payment procedure will be as follows:
- First, the funds for the month in which the number was deleted will be debited in full, even if you delete the number in the first days of the month.
- Secondly, for the month following the month in which the number was deleted, money will also be debited, as for the fully working WhatsApp Business API period. In other words, Facebook always reserves one additional month for itself, following the month in which the number hosting was refused.We also believe that this is not entirely fair, now this procedure is being discussed and may soon be changed, we will definitely notify you about it.

If you cancel your subscription or there are not enough funds on the card, the number is blocked until the circumstances are clarified.

Popular questions

Question: How many WhatsApp Business API numbers can I connect per company?
Answer: up to 25. If you plan to connect more numbers, then this must be agreed on an individual basis.

Question: I have heard that the verification of the company can take from several months, then what will happen to my money?
Answer: indeed, sometimes there are situations when connecting a number can take a significant period of time, especially if registration takes place according to the classic version. In this case, the funds will still be used to pay for the month following the successful registration, even if it took, say, 2 months to connect the number.

Question: if there are actually no mailings from my number, but only processing of free incoming messages, then $ 30 will not be debited from my card?
Answer: $ 30, this is a kind of milestone, if the amount of paid messages sent for a month crosses this "line", then funds are debited from your card.

If during the month you sent messages for an amount less than $ 30, then at the beginning of the next month an amount equal to your expenses will be debited. If you do not make mailings at all, then there can be no question of any additional write-offs.

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