Price and payment procedure for the WhatsApp Business API from the Chat API

We will analyze how and for what you pay for the connected WhatsApp Business API as openly and informatively as possible.

What we charge money for:

- Monthly subscription fee for number hosting;

- Payments for open dialogues with clients.

What we don't take money for:

- for the very fact of connecting the number to the WhatsApp Business API;

- for help in getting the WhatsApp green tick;

Hosting a connected WhatsApp Business API number costs 39$ per month. If you pay for a room immediately for a year, then the price for a month drops to 30 dollars. When connecting from 5 numbers, the price per instance drops to $ 30. If at the same time you pay them for another year, then individual conditions will be agreed upon for you.

The cost of opening dialogues with clients (mailing)

Dialogues with clients are paid after the start of communication (opening of the dialogue), and all subsequent messages within 24 hours, counting from the first message of the client, are complimentary. Dialogues can be divided into business-initiated and customer-initiated, while they differ in price:

You can find out the cost of opening dialogs in your region by following this link.

More information about the dialog system can be found here. To open a dialogue from the business side, you need to use template messages, more about this here.


At the same time, if you have a medium or small business, you shall not worry about large bills. Each WABA account receives 1000 free dialogues at the beginning of each month. Instagram Facebook or Instagram ads are also free of charge for all traffic to your WhatsApp Business API number.

Calculation procedure and guarantees

In mutual settlements, we rely on the requirements and rules proposed by Meta. The company sends reports and debits funds at the beginning of each month. Suppose the number was connected in the middle of the month. In that case, the amount to be debited will be proportionally equal to the number of days of the active API. The amount of open dialogs for the original month is added.

Now about how payment for our services is arranged

The Chat API works in the subscription format. To connect to WhatsApp Business API, you will first need to subscribe through your Chat API account. After subscribing, you will be charged money in proportion to the days of the active API in the current month. You can find out how much you will need to pay when you subscribe.

Funds are debited for hosting numbers and dialogues at the ginning of the month.

Features of payment for open dialogues (mailings) - a system of threshold write-offs

Suppose the number of open dialogues exceeded one thousand in the communication process, and their cost went beyond $ 30. In that case, this amount is debited from your account even before the beginning of the next billing month. If you have made a $29 mailing list in a month (you have not crossed the $30 milestone), the money will be debited from the account at the beginning of the following month.

In other words, if you send out messages for more than $ 30 within a month, you overcome a certain threshold, then funds are debited when this threshold is crossed.

We keep internal records, and also receive reports at the beginning of each month from Meta on the number of paid open dialogues. Therefore, if you have any questions about the fairness of debiting funds, then write to our support, we will definitely figure everything out and refund your money if an inaccuracy is found.
If funds cannot be debited for some reason (for example, insufficient funds), then we suspend the operation of the number until the circumstances are clarified.

Cancellation of subscription and refund. The reserve month rule

Pay attention to, perhaps, not the fairest but the mandatory rule of calculations, which the API provider declares. For simplicity, we called this rule "Reserve Month.”
If you decide to abandon the WhatsApp Business API and delete the number, the payment procedure will be as follows:

Firstly, the funds for the month in which the number was deleted will be debited in full, even if you delete the number on the first day of the month.

Secondly, for the month following the month, if the number was deleted, money will also be debited for a fully working WhatsApp Business API period. In other words, Facebook always reserves one additional month for itself following the month in which the number of hosting was refused. We also believe that this is not entirely fair now this procedure is being discussed, and soon, we hope it can be changed; we will notify you about it.

If you cancel your subscription or there are not enough funds on the card, the number is blocked until the circumstances are clarified.


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