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To connect to the messengers API, these materials can help you.


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If you plan to automate the process of working with the Chat API, set up automatic creation / deletion of instances, receipt and processing of information, then you just need the section "API Settings"

Here you can find functions that will allow you to customize the automation or API integration  with your solution.

First of all, pay attention to your API KEY, this is extremely confidential information, it is better not to show this key to anyone, otherwise it may lead to loss of control over your instances. Unlike a token, which we can change, the KEY API is an immutable attribute.



There are three functions in the API settings that you can use to create, delete, and view information on instances.

The first function creates new instances. To do this, we use the parameters specified in the API settings.

Uid is your API KEY

Type is the platform where, in fact, new instances will be created.

It will look like this:

Server response:

The second function is to delete an instance:

The working parameters are:

Uid is your API KEY

instanceId - the number of the instance that you plan to delete.

The function takes the following form:

The response from the server will look like this:

You can view information about instances using the function:


Uid is your API KEY

The function takes the form

Server response:

Also, if you have more than 25 instances, we will expand the capabilities of your personal account and add the function of transferring days, which will allow you to independently distribute the work resource between your instances.

You can learn more about how you can configure the API in our tutorial video:

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