Personal account features

The capabiliries of the Chat API personal account are vide enought and allow you to flesibly build a workflow. The personal account contains the following sections:

1 - The working panel of your instances, through which it is possible to log in, configure the work of instances, including cleaning, deleting and rebooting working instances.

2 - Section for creating new instances, with which you can create new instances, including a free instance for developers. A new instance can only be created if the previous one has been paid for. You can have only one free instance for developers in your personal account.

3 - Paying for Instances - It is also possible to pay for an instance through your personal account. Take advantage of a one-time payment using Visa \ MasterCard or subscribe through ЮKassa or Stripe.

4 - Testing - The testing section allows you to configure and test the work of any Chat API method, as well as check the work of Webhooks.

5 - API documentation - In this section you will find all the documentation you need to work. Each method contains a detailed description of the work, examples and the ability to immediately test it.

6 - Link constructor - With the help of the builder, you can easily create a link to the dialogue in WhatsApp to attract customers to the chat.

7 - File to Base 64 - Convert files to encoding format. A convenient way to convert files for fast loading of materials in messages.

8 - Vcard generator -  Electronic business cards for easy data exchange with clients via QR code.

9 - SDK generator - A package of libraries in different languages ​​for quick integration with the service.

10 - Menu-bot - Our chat bot with the ability to send text, files, audio messages, geolocations and contacts. Convenient and easy way to automate communication with clients.

11 - Referral system (affiliate program) - attract customers to work with the service, track their payments in your personal account and get bonuses for this.

Also in your personal account you will find answers to popular questions, a section with the latest news and updates.

To find out more about the capabilities of the Chat API, watch the video of acquaintance with the service:

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