What is registration with deferred verification or Embedded signup?

What is Embedded signup or Registration with deferred verification?

Embedded signup is the second option for connecting a number to the WhatsApp Business API and has a number of important advantages in comparison with the Classic version. For simplicity, we will call the Embedded signup approach-registration with deferred verification. If you are already familiar with this method of connecting the WhatsApp Business API and would like to receive instructions on how to register, then pay attention to this article. And if you have not yet come across the principles of operation and the main advantages of registration with deferred verification, then this article is what you need. Let's start the analysis with the main differences:

Instant connection

Perhaps one of the most popular advantages of registration with deferred verification is the ability to instantly connect to the WhatsApp Business API. In the classic version, first of all, you need to confirm your business, pass display name checks and compliance with Facebook policies, and only after that the WhatsApp Business API number becomes available for work.

Passing all the checks in the classic version can take from 10 days to a couple of months, which is quite critical for businesses and organizations. Facebook has taken into account the shortcomings of the previous approach and with the help of registration with deferred verification, it offers users to first get access to the API, and pass the checks as if against the background of a working WhatsApp Business API number.

Prompt and step-by-step Facebook verification of your business

Business verification through registration with deferred verification is limited in time. The company has 30 days to confirm and verify compliance with Facebook's requirements. If the company has not been able to confirm its status during this time, the number will be disabled. This does not mean that Facebook will wait for 29 days, and on the 30th it will reject the application. Most likely, the check, if all the requirements are met, will pass faster or you will receive notifications about the need to clarify the information. Pay attention to notifications in Facebook Business Manager.

An important advantage of this approach to registration is that, according to our observations, Facebook is much more loyal to companies that choose registration with deferred verification and approve applications faster. In addition, through your personal account, you will be able to track at what stage of business confirmation your company is at and participate more in the process.

If your application is still rejected, there is always an opportunity to appeal. To do this, there is a special form that we will send to you if necessary and will help you defend your number. As a rule, after filing an appeal, Facebook managers are included in the registration process, who often make decisions in favor of companies.

Number restrictions during the verification period

Facebook checks each company before providing it with more functionality features. For Facebook, it is important that the business complies with their rules and principles, adheres to the trade policy, and also really exists in the legal field. This is why there is a verification procedure, which we have written about in detail here.

The number restrictions are divided into two levels. The transition from the first to the second is associated with the successful completion of the verification stages.

Level 1. A business that has passed the registration application submission with deferred verification

This is where you start. Filling out the application provides you with the first pool of opportunities for sending and receiving messages in the API.

It is important to note that templates are used to initiate communication with clients and to process incoming messages. To start communicating with clients and "open" a 24-hour window of free communication without templates, first of all, template messages that are moderated by Facebook must be sent to the client. The number of template messages is limited until all checks are passed and the number is approved.

How to work with templates, approve them and what Facebook checks, we discussed in this article. After starting a dialogue with the client, you can communicate with him in a free form, the need for templates disappears for a while.

All templates can be divided into two large groups:

Notifications (outgoing): At the first level, you can initiate communication with 2 numbers and send up to 10 template messages per day.

For example, you wrote to two clients, one of them responded, and you continued to communicate with him in a non-standard format. The second one was in no hurry to answer, and within a day you sent him 4 more template messages to initiate a dialogue, after which he replied to you, and you resumed the template - free format of communication. As a result, we have 2 contacts, 6 used template messages and 4 more left. Every day, the functionality is updated, and 10 messages and 2 contact numbers are again available to you.

Customer Support messages (incoming processing): at the first stage, up to 10 phone numbers are available. The number of messages inside the dialog, after processing an incoming message, is not limited. For the next day, you can communicate with 10 new contacts. If 10 clients wrote to you during the day,then you will not be able to respond to messages on the 11th.

Level 2. A business that has submitted documents for verification.

At this stage, you have already submitted the documents for verification and are waiting for confirmation of your business, completion of the display name verification and compliance with Facebook policies. The check can last up to 30 days, but usually takes place within 5-10 days. At this level, your opportunities to communicate with customers expand.

Notifications (outgoing): can be sent to 2 phone numbers, up to 10 messages per day.

Customer Support messages (incoming processing): up to 1500 contacts initiated by customers. The number of messages inside the dialog is not limited.

After the verification is completed, all restrictions will be lifted. But do not forget about the status or trust rating of the number, which will depend on the number of messages sent. Read more about this here.

What does Facebook check?

1-Confirmation or verification of your business, which is carried out through the" Security Center " in Facebook business manager. Verification is a set of information and documents that you send to Facebook to confirm that your business really exists and meets the requirements and principles of the company.

2-Trade Policy and Facebook policy. These are the principles and rules that you must comply with in order to be able to connect to WABA. For example, you can't use the WhatsApp Business API number to distribute alcohol, cigarettes, or cryptocurrencies. The list of restrictions is quite wide.

Therefore, if your company is associated with similar market segments, think about how to properly present your business to Facebook. It is quite possible that you have a part of the organization that is not directly related to prohibited topics, the number can be connected to process requests in this direction. You can read the Facebook policy here.

3 – Display name or Display name. The name that customers see in your WhatsApp profile must also meet a number of requirements. We wrote more about this here.

Payment terms

In Embedded signup, payment for hosting a number occurs immediately and in full, despite the limited functionality, this is the policy of Facebook, which charges the full cost from the number regardless of the availability of the functionality. We wrote more about the payment terms and the cost of WABA here.

What will happen to the number if it was not possible to pass the checks?

The number that you submitted for registration in the WhatsApp Business API can no longer be used in the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business applications, as long as it is listed in the WhatsApp Business API number database. If Facebook has refused to connect and registration has failed, then the number can be excluded from the API number database.To do this, you need to fill out a special form (which we will provide) and send it to Facebook. The application is considered from 10 to 90 days, after which the number is removed from the WhatsApp Business API database and it can be used in the regular and in the WhatsApp business application.But we should immediately warn you that in rare cases, Facebook allows you to transfer the number back to the use of WhatsApp applications so easily.

Which method of registration is still better? Registration with deferred verification or classic registration?

We recommend connecting via registration with deferred verification. There are several reasons for this:
Firstly, it is really faster and easier. You almost immediately have the opportunity to work with the WABA number, start testing and integrate it into your business processes.
Secondly, according to internal feelings, the Facebook team is more loyal to companies that register through registration with deferred verification and often meet them halfway.
Third, in the near future, registration with deferred verification will remain the only way to register, and the classic version will go down in history.  

In both cases, links to registration in WABA are provided through your personal account.

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