Connecting a number through registration with deferred verification. Instruction manual

Detailed instructions for registering a messengers Business API number

This instruction will help you successfully connect the number to the messengers Business API; before starting registration, we draw your attention to several important details:

1 – Connecting the messengers Business API number assumes you have a Comp business manager. If you don't have a business manager account yet, then create one;

2 – To connect the number, your company's verification of the business manager is not required. Registration of a number takes from 10 to 15 minutes. Verification of your business may be needed in the future to expand the possibilities of working with the number. More about the verification process, more about the restrictions.

3 – To connect the number, you need to subscribe. Details about our pricing can be found in this article.

Preliminary registration stage           

First of all, make sure that the following information is available to you:

1 - Valid Business Manager ID. It can be found in the business manager. It is also necessary to fill in information about the company in the manager's section «Business info».

- A valid phone number. A detailed tutorial on choosing a number can be found here.

Please note that the account of the registered number must be deleted from the messengers and messengers Business App applications. You can find out how to do this here. Also, note that it will become unavailable in user applications after connecting the number to the messengers Business API. To keep in touch with customers, use our free Shared team inbox chat.

Connecting a number
Go to the main menu and select the new MESAPI project.

Choose a tariff plan and subscribe.

Fill out the registration form. Specify reliable information that corresponds to the data in the business manager. Your organization’s name will undergo additional verification, so you must consider our recommendations on the display name of the company.

Agree to the terms of cooperation. 360 Dialog is our partner in connecting messengers Business API. If you have not subscribed, a warning window will appear that will remind you of this.

Next, we will check the number for its availability to connect, and also generate access to 360 Dialog for you.

After that, go to the 360 Dialog website, enter the generated username and password and continue registration using the ID of your business manager.

После чего перейдите на сайт 360 Dialog, введите сгенерированный логин и пароль и продолжите регистрацию, используя ID вашего бизнес менеджера.

This video demonstrates in detail the process of filling out the form:


In the process of filling out the form, you will receive an SMS with a 6-digit code on your phone, enter it. After filling out the form, generate an API KEY and specify it in the Chat API personal account.

At this stage, you have already connected the number and formed a request for data exchange between the API provider and the business manager. It should take some time for the number to pass the checks and be ready to work.

1 - Account name - Check your organization's name for compliance with messengers requirements.
2 - Waba Account Status -Check your business for compliance with messengers's trade policy requirements
3 - Message on Behalf - this is a verification of your consent to work with 360 Dialog. Go to your business manager's "Notifications" section and confirm the provider status.

4 - Business Verification – optional. The number can receive and send messages without business verification; details about this are here.

That's it, congratulations on the successful registration of the number in messengers Business API. If you have any questions or difficulties with registration, then write to us, we will be happy to help.

For further successful work with the number, the following materials may be helpful to you:

1 – Learn how to work with template messengers messages;
2 – Sending media files and documents;
3 – Features of the messengers dialog model.



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