Rating or quality level of a WhatsApp Business API number

As we have already written, it is important for Facebook to maintain the image of WhatsApp as a messenger free from spam and commercial mailings. Therefore, it is not surprising that after the registration and approval of templates is completed, Facebook will continue to influence the maintenance of the "quality" level of your communication with customers.

By the quality of communication, Facebook understands the fulfillment of their rules and requirements, according to the company's policy, as well as a positive response to your messages from customers, which is manifested in the interest of customers in communicating with you and the absence of a negative reaction in the form of complaints about mailing lists.

One of the possible tools of influence is marking your templates as "undesirable" - the Flagged status. Visually, this is displayed by a yellow flag that appears next to your template in the 360 Dialog personal account.

You are given 7 days to fix it — You must edit the message template in such a way that WhatsApp users stop perceiving it as spam, otherwise the template will be blocked.

A more interesting control option is the level or rating of confidence in the number. If customers often write to you first and respond to your messages, then the rating of the number increases. The "better" your communication with WhatsApp users is ,the more opportunities are provided to you. There are three rating levels of the number in total:

Level 1. Allows your company to send messages to up to 1000 unique contacts within a 24-hour window.
Level 2. Allows your company to send messages to up to 10,000 unique contacts within 24 hours.
Level 3. Allows your company to send messages to up to 100,000 unique contacts within 24 hours.

Each new number starts its journey from the first level. It is worth noting that the restrictions are set only for outgoing messages. The unique 1001 first user will be able to write to you in the inbox, after which it is possible to continue communication with him.

The transition from level to level occurs automatically. To do this, it is enough to fulfill the following conditions:
Within a few days (from two days), the total number of notifications sent should exceed twice the level of messages available to you. That is, if you have sent 2000 notifications within two days, Facebook fixes it, reflects for 48 hours, and then increases your trust rating. As a rule, if all the conditions are met, they switch from level 1 to level 2 within 5 days. The transition from 1 to 3 will take you 10 days.

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