Are you integrating with messengers?

Today, the Chat API cooperates with more than 3,000 companies and programmers around the world and processes more than a billion user requests per month, which is why our attention is more focused on maintaining a stable and high-quality connection with messengers, and separately we are integrating moment, we are not engaged.

 At the same time, the Chat API is multifunctional and easy to integrate. As a rule, our users note that they can easily and quickly integrate the Chat API into their business processes.

 The presence of the generator SDK helps:

You can find the documentation from the Chat API here: Full Documentation messengers API Gateway

And if you register an account, we will provide you with 3 days of demo use to test the service and work out the integration. If you need more days, write to our support service.

Also, the Chat API has a free account for developers, with its help you can set up your solution, develop a bot or integrate without prepayment

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The Most Multifunctional API Provider

Chat API has been operating since 2015 and is one of the first and largest providers in Eastern Europe.

Here are some curious and important figures:

  • We have tremendous expertise in docker container management at scale with an SLA of 99.5+%;
  • Chat API involves in its work more than 200 servers, with the ability to quickly connect another 100;
  • 3200 cores and 25 terabytes of RAM;
  • 200+ methods and features that keep adding;
  • Highload system, Up Time servers 99.9%;
  • Support 24\7;
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