How can I switch from the current partner of messengers Business API to ChatAPI, while keeping the number?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to change the messengers Business API provider and enter into cooperation with a new partner, while retaining the number and its privileges, then we will encourage you – this is real.

What can be transferred, and what will be lost when the number emigrates?

When you emigrate, you will save the numbers:

1 - The number itself;
2 - Rating of the number;
3 - Limit of sent messages;
4 - A green check mark and the status of the official business account (if you had one);
5 – Displayname or company display name;
6 – The highest rated message templates.

You will lose:

1 – Low-rated message templates and template drafts;
2 – The history of messages and chats.

How is emigration going?

To begin with, a small checklist. To proceed, you will need:

1 – Comp Business Manager ID. It can be found in the "Business info" section of Comp Business Manager;
2 – Comp Business Manager Administrator Access Rights;
3 – Access to the number and the ability to verify it with an incoming call or SMS;
5 – Confirmation from the previous messengers Business API partner that they canceled the 2-factor verification of your account.  

More details about the 5th point. For each number that is registered with the messengers Business API provider, a 2-factor verification is installed. Remember, when you registered with your old partner, a PIN code was sent to your number, which confirmed your registration and established additional protection for your account. To switch to another messengers Business API partner, this protection must be removed, and only the current API provider can do this. Contact him and make sure that he canceled the 2-factor verification.

Here it is worth mentioning right away that according to the rules and regulations of Comp, no one can and should in any way interfere or slow down the transition process from an API provider to another. If this happens, please contact us immediately.

By the way, if you come to us from another API integrator, which is also a partner of 360 Dialog, then you do not need to request the cancellation of 2-factor verification.

After completing the preparatory stage, a special registration form will be sent to you. Fill it out and the emigration of the number will be completed. The form can be found in your 360 Dialog personal account or requested from our support team.

Bill migration

Messages sent before the transfer are debited from the previous partner. Messages sent after migration are debited from the new messengers Business API of the partner. Messages sent at the time of the transition and not delivered before the transfer are still debited from the original partner.

Write to us if you have any questions about working with messengers Business API , we will be happy to help you. You can find out all the latest news on the work of the service in our telegram channel.

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