Is it possible to save the messengers or messengers Business App number when switching to the messengers Business API?

An important reminder! If you connect the number to the messengers Business API, it will become unavailable for regular What’s App and messengers Business App applications. We understand that integration with the messengers Business API may take some time, so to avoid losing contact with your customers, we suggest using the free Shared Index messengers chat. This chat chart is a free add-on for our customers to stay in touch with customers and connect to messengers Business API.

If the number is already connected to messengers and messengers Business App, then this number can also be used in the messengers Business API, but for this you need to delete the account in the messengers messenger.

The messengers\messengers Business App and messengers Business API application number databases are separate databases from each other. If the number is in the messengers application database, then it cannot be used in MESAPI and vice versa. That is why before you start connecting the number, you need to delete the account in the messenger.

The emigration process itself may take some time. If you need to connect the API urgently, then we offer to read the article – which number is suitable for connecting the messengers Business API?

If you want to transer the number, the procedure will be as follows:

1-Delete your messengers account or messengers Business App via the account settings in the app. Without deleting an account in messengers apps, switching to the messengers Business API is not possible;

3-Register in the Chat API/ Registration with deferred verification it will allow you to connect a MESAPI number in just 5 minutes.

Important! During the emigration process, all incoming messages will be saved on messengers servers and will come to you after the transition is completed. It is worth downloading the previous history of correspondence in advance, since it will not be saved during emigration.

And that's it. If you have any questions about emigration, feel free to write to our support – we will help. Good luck!

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