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Fast Messages Chat API is an easy way to start a chat with a client without creating particular template messages – any outgoing message will be moderated under a template, allowing you to open a free 24–hour dialogue with the client without additional checks.

Standard work with messengers Business API is based on template messages that initiate communication with the user. That is, you must create and approve a message pool, in a special way and according to certain rules (more on this here), after which the newly created messages must pass moderation from messengers, and after that they can be allowed to be used in working with clients. It is these primary template messages that open a window of 24 hours of free communication.

Fast messages allow you to bypass these restrictions and immediately start communicating with customers.

How are Fast messages arranged?


As a rule, these templates are named: "Start_template,” so it is better not to delete such templates from your account and not to call your templates similarly.

Fast messages must pass moderation after the project is created; as a rule, it takes no more than 24 hours, but usually, everything goes well within 1-2 hours.

Since quick messages consist of free variables, any text you send will be substituted into variables and sent, thus opening a free dialog box for free communication.

How do I send quick messages?

Use the /SendMessage or /SendFile function to do this. If you send messages via our Inbox chat or the bot constructor, then it's enough to the functionality of the applications simply.

If this is the first contact with the client or if 24 hours have already passed after communicating with him, then any sent message in the chat will automatically become a "Fast message"; you do not need to "Turn on" this functionality in an additional way, it is already involved in the work of the Chat API tools.

Limitations of Fast messages

Fast messages have several limitations that you need to remember when working with them:

1 – Messages have a limited number of lines. Now the time limit is three lines, in the future we will remove them and quick messages will consist of 7 lines or more.

2 – Quick messages can send either text or pictures. The picture can be signed. But you will not be able to send both a text and an image simultaneously.

3 – Documents are sent only in PDF format. Sending other files and geolocations is still in development.

Write to us if you have questions about the messengers Business API; we will be happy to help you. You can find all the latest news about the work of the service in our telegram channel.


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