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The request testing tool was created to help developers get familiar with the service, test your software solutions and service capabilities.

You can simulate any request, check the webhook and see how your messages are being sent. In other words, you will debug the work of your solution in a convenient form before you start working with real clients.

The subsection "Sending messages" will clearly show you the function of sending messages. Enter your instance, the recipient's phone number and the text of the letter.
It is not recommended to indicate your cell number in the line of the recipient of the letter, the request will not work.

Please note that after sending the message, the response from the server will be "Sent True" - this means that the request has been processed and the method has worked. However, successful implementation of a function does not always mean that the message has reached the addressee. The recipient's phone may be turned off or his number may not be in messengers. You can check the success of sending a message using the webhook for notification of new messages and delivery status of outgoing messages (ack).

"QueueNumber" is an indicator of the message sending queue, that is, under what conditional number your message will be sent. If for some reason the sending of messages is interrupted, for example, due to a lack of network connection, then your messages will go to the queue, from which they will continue to be sent after troubleshooting.

In the next subsection, "Testing Requests," you can test the work of any other method provided in the Chat API.

Just choose the method that interests you and write down the parameters you need. Feel free to use the prompts if you don't know certain parameters.

 Through testing tools, you can also simulate Webhook work.

The main Webhook parameter is the webhookUrl, which is the Http or https URL for receiving notifications. For testing, it is already preinstalled with

In total, there are three types of message status changes that can be set to Webhook on ack notifications. This email has been sent, delivered and read. Everyone is familiar with the check marks under messages in messengers and with the help of a webhook simulation, you can check and debug the work of each notification for changes in the message status.


Also, using the "Testing" tool, you can check incoming requests, that is, whether the instance is consistent with your Webhook, if you have doubts about the correctness of their connection.
To do this, specify the instance you are interested in and start testing. Our Webhook will be installed on the instance and by its behavior it will be possible to track how the instance is working with notifications.

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