The bottom link of the chain - request to the messengers instance

The lower link of the chain is the link of choosing a request to our instance + auto-tuning of the webhack to the chain service.

In the name, immediately under the heading "Instance”, there will be a hint about which instance is selected, or that the request to the instance will be dynamic - more on that below.


During page loading, if the static option is selected, the link will check whether the webhook of the chains is configured correctly, and if it is incorrect, it will inform you about this with an error in setting up the link template.

Initial setup

In the initial setup section, you must configure which instance the request will be sent to. To do this, we have two choices, static and dynamic query.

Static version


You will be asked to select one of your instances. The instance must be paid for otherwise its setup will not be successful. The corresponding error can be seen under the instance selection button.

important! When selecting an instance, its webhook will be automatically configured for chains, if there is no need for this behavior - do not forget to reassign the instance hook manually.

There are options when the user can see the "sync" button, which means that for some reason the system failed to assign the webhook itself, or it was reassigned by the user manually. When you click on this button, the system will try to re-set the address of the web hack on the chain.

Dynamic version

Choosing the dynamic option implies that the instance address may change. For example, you have several instances, and you want to determine which instance the request will go to. In this case, you need to specify where to get the instance address from (as in the case of dynamic data, you must fully prescribe the path to the data you are interested in).

important! the address must contain the full path to the instance with the desired sending method + token parameter, for example:

All available data will be sent to the selected address, skipping the data validation step. If you need to send only part of the data, take care of it in advance, the easiest way is by using a link with a custom JS code.

It is important that you yourself set the address of the web hack to the one given in the lower link on all instances to which you plan to make a request.

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