Creating and configuring a Google Key for messengers API Chains

When creating certain chain templates (a chain with Google translate, with Google natural language, and others), a Google key is required. This usually means that you need to add a token key so that the server can use it to access your project in Google and use its power to make requests. We chose this path because it saves you money - Google allows you to use part of the queries for free, often these capacities are enough for the implementation of small projects.

Setting up a Google Key:

- Create your new project in Google Cloud or select an existing project;

- Enable billing for correct operation;

 - Go to the project libraries section, find and connect the library required for work;

in the Credentials section, add a new API key (NOT an OAuth2 key) or copy the previous key. To add a new key, click on the button above "Create credentials”, select the API key, copy and close the window. The key has been added.

If you need to fine-tune the keys, then refer to the Google materials, which provide a lot of detailed instructions. If you have problems with the API, try to recreate the key, as a rule, this solves most of the problems.

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