Can I write my company name instead of my phone number in messengers?

First of all, it is necessary to understand some definitions, because of which there may be confusion.

Facebook distinguishes two types of business accounts. Official business account and a business account. Based on what kind of account you have and there will be differences in showing the display name to customers.

A simple business account is any number that has gained access to the official messengers business API or a number that has been connected to the messengers business APP. At the same time, users, if they have not yet added the number to the phone book, will see the number itself and the company name slightly to the right and below on the image of your messengers profile. In addition, when opening a chat, the client receives a notification that your number belongs to a business account.

An official business account is a number that has passed the FB verification and proved that it is a genuine number of a well-known brand. In this case, users, even if they have not yet added the number to the notebook, will see the company name and the coveted green check mark.

The good news is that FB checks every business account for the possibility of upgrading the status. In order to increase the chances of getting a green check mark FB it is necessary:

- Configure two-factor authentication in FB Business Manager;
- Pass business verification;
- Have access to the messengers Business API;
- To be a well-known and famous business.

In addition, you can speed up the process of assigning the status of an official business account by writing to the FB support service.

As a result, in order for customers to see the name of your company, and not just the phone number, you need to get access to the messengers Business API and wait for your account to be recognized by the FB team. After that, customers will be able to see the name of your organization along with a green check mark. It is also possible to contact the FB support service for the earliest recognition of the brand.

To learn more about the features of configuring Display name, see the article-Configuring and changing Display name.

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