What are messengers API Chains?

To begin with, messengers API Chains are a free tool that you can find in your Chat API personal account. To work with Chains, you will need a paid messengers instance, or you can use a free instance for developers.

Chains are an integrator that connects messengers with other available Web applications, while creating a new order of operation of the instance. For example, you can create a chain with Google Drive to save files from messages, or link an instance with Google Translator for automatic two-way translation.

Thus, metaphorically speaking, chains help you make "friends" with messengers with other available APIs and expand the possible functionality of your instances. The cool thing is that the number of chain links is unlimited and your API Chain can do a truly titanic job, communicating with many APIs without additional effort on your part.

What exactly can Chains do?

To date, the following chain templates are available to you:

- A chain with two-way translation of messengers messages via Google Translate;
- A chain for analyzing the text of messengers messages by keywords, entities, Google locations and other objects via Google natural language;
- A chain with connection to the capabilities of our free messengers Chatbot;
- A chain for saving files from messengers to Google drive;
- A chain for collecting data from messengers messages and saving them in Google Sheets;
- A chain with the ability to embed your own personal Node JS code;
- A chain for testing API requests through the Webhook service;
- A chain with Google mail to send notifications for messengers events;
- An additional chain for sending messages to messengers through the selected instance.

The possibilities of chains will expand over time, and you can take part in this by sharing your opinion with us, which we will definitely take into account in the further expansion of the functionality. Let us know what you think about API chains.

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