General information

The Chat API visual bot constructor allows you to implement a wide range of tasks:

- Sending notifications to messengers from your website;
- Unloading the database of contacts (users);
- Configuring a chatbot from a third-party system;
- Complex solutions involving external systems.

API Architecture

1 - The API is built on REST principles: GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE methods are used.
2 - The result of all requests comes in the format JSON: Content-type: application/json
3 - Queries that return a list of results use limit - offset pagination.
- limit - maximum number of results in a query (no more than 100).
- offset - shift by ordinal number (default: 0).

Authorization in the API

All API requests are protected by token-based authorization. To get a token, send a request to /api/auth/login/ with your authorization data.
Each API request must contain the header: Authorization: Bearer {{token}

Most requests work at the Shop level, so they require passing shop_id as a parameter.
Basic entities

- Shop is the central entity in the HighTouch platform. It combines the scripts of the bot, connected channels, a database of users and applications, and a set of settings. One user of the platform can manage multiple stores. For example, a partner gets access to their store and the stores of connected customers.
- A bot is an account in a messenger through which communication with the user is conducted.
- User (BotUser) - a user in the messenger who is in correspondence with the bot. The same person in different messengers will be represented by different users!
- The application (Lead) is a user-filled form (questionnaire).
- Order - order of goods in the online store. Orders contain the buyer's contact details and a basket of goods.
- Step is the main building block of the bot's work scenario. Most often, a step is a single message sent by the bot to the user, after sending which the platform performs certain actions depending on the type of step.
- Menu item (MenuItem) - buttons with which the user switches between steps.

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