About the price and cost of the Chat API

How much does your messengers API cost?

We initially sought to make cooperation with customers mutually beneficial, so we have developed a flexible pricing policy, thanks to which you can not only profitably connect to the messengers API, but also earn money together with the Chat API. We will try to convince you of this.

1-Progressive discount system.

1- 5 accounts $ 39 / per account
6-20 accounts $ 34 / per account
21-50 accounts $ 29 / per account
51-100 accounts $ 19 / per account
101-500 accounts $ 15 / per account
501+ accounts $ 9 / per account

One instance is one phone number.
As you can see, the more instances you have, the more profitable their price is, and by 500 instances it actually approaches the cost price. This means that you will have more and more space to build an independent pricing policy with your customers.

2-Referral or affiliate program

If you do not connect clients directly to your solution, but actively or indirectly influence the registration and creation of separate Chat API personal accounts by clients, then with the help of a referral program you can earn money on this.

Share your referral link from your personal account. Every user who registers on the service through your referral link will bring you bonuses. These can be free days or a monetary reward.   

How do I get free days?

Attract customers to register in the Chat API through your referral link. After registration, the attracted client should be displayed in your personal account. For each monthly payment of the client, you will receive 3 free days of working with the service. If the client pays immediately for a year, then you will be given a month for free. The whole procedure is automated, however, if for some reason the client or his payment is not displayed in your personal account-write to our support service, we will figure everything out.

How do I get money?

The mechanism of operation is still the same. At the same time, it is necessary to conclude an agreement on the basis of which we will transfer remuneration to you. The amount of remuneration is equal to 10% of each payment of the client. The money will be credited to your virtual account, you can withdraw money if the amount on the account is more than 1000 virtual funds.To start cooperation under the referral program for a monetary reward, write to us at:

3-Instance for developers

If you are just trying your hand at integration solutions with messengers or you need more time to get acquainted with the service, then use our instance for developers. 
This is a free tool that you can work with when studying the service. It has small limitations, but it fits perfectly for its purposes.

Well, in the final, we note that we try to look for an individual approach to customers. If you have any ideas for joint cooperation, then write to us

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