Setting up an API Chain with a Free messengers Bot

This link template allows you to get an answer from our MenuBot. The menu bot is specially designed for processing incoming messages in messengers. The chain can redirect requests to the bot so that it processes incoming messages according to your script, it can become both the main element of the chain and one of the links, here everything will depend on your business tasks.

In the initial setup, you can find a link to the section of our chatbot. All the necessary data for the request will automatically be pulled up to the static data section, and you will only have to specify a link to the "messages" object in the dynamic data. The object must be the same object that is described in the response of the messengers instance webhack ( )

If the data is found successfully, the following response will be received:

In data.result.message.the body will contain a customized response, as the bot updates, other responses corresponding to the type of message may appear. If the message is not found, an empty object will be returned in data.result.

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