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We continue to expand and improve the capabilities of the service to simplify the life of developers. Our novelty is free Docker hosting for Chat API clients.

We know how often there are difficulties with deploying a Webhook for our projects, especially if there is no time to create your own server. Therefore, we are opening up the opportunity to host our applications on our Docker hosting for free.

It all works simply and we'll go through each point: 1) Check if you have Docker?; 2) Install Dockerize (a free solution for our customers); 3) Test and deploy your application on our hosting service.

Install Docker. You can do this at the officially website. You can check if it is already installed with the command docker help

Next, install Dockerize:

Get a free Docker Instance in your personal account. It's quick and easy, all you have to do is link it to your main messenger instance!

You'll immediately get your Docker token to use for authorization:

Let's create our app! To do this, enter this line with the name of your application:

Now, in the working directory, we need to create a Dockerfile, which will contain the instructions for building the image from which the container will run. In it we will write:

Create a .dockerignore file and put some local files there that will be ignored (npm-debug.log and .idea)

It's time to test your application locally with a command: dockerize test

This will start your application on port 8080. Open localhost:8080 to check. Finally, let's deploy it

Your app is downloaded and available at (change to your app name in the format {name}

Looks pretty simple, doesn't it?Try it yourself!

Follow all updates of the service features on our information support channel to always be aware of important innovations:
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Chat API has been operating since 2015 and is one of the first and largest providers in Eastern Europe.

Here are some curious and important figures:

  • We have tremendous expertise in docker container management at scale with an SLA of 99.5+%;
  • Chat API involves in its work more than 200 servers, with the ability to quickly connect another 100;
  • 3200 cores and 25 terabytes of RAM;
  • 200+ methods and features that keep adding;
  • Highload system, Up Time servers 99.9%;
  • Support 24\7;
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