Why are messages accumulating in the queue and how can I clean it?

The message queue can accumulate for several main reasons:

1 - Sending messages with files to numbers that are not used in WhatsApp. You can check the availability of a number in WhatsApp using the \ checkPhone method.

2 - Connection problems. For the account to work correctly, it is also necessary that the phone is connected to a stable Internet and has a good battery charge. And if the phone is turned off or offline, then messages start to go to the queue. The maximum number of messages in the queue is 400. After the phone turns on, messages from the queue begin to be sent in 5 pieces in 2 minutes.

3 - Conflict with WhatsApp Web. The service works through Whatsapp Web, so if another Whatsapp Web opens, each other's sessions are interrupted and the account stops working.

4 - Submitting old, broken links. Messages with such links will also not be sent.

You can clear the message queue with / clearMessagesQueue.

Or from your Personal Account features 

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