Logic blocks - Operation

The block allows you to perform one or more system operations. The list of available operations can be expanded in the future.

1 - By default, the execution list is empty and the block does nothing. To add an operation to the list, click "Add".

2 - Choose the type of operation.

Types of operation 

Assign Tag

Assigns the user the specified tag if it has not already been assigned.

Delete tag

Deletes a tag from the user's tag list.

Run the flow

Launches the specified flow for the user. This saves in the user card the history of interaction with the bot in other scenarios. When stopping the current scenario, the user automatically returns to the last opened scenario on the block where he was last. The scenario the user is currently in is marked with a green arrow in the user card.

 Also, the flow can be run manually for each user via the user card.

Stop the flow

Stops the flow for the user.

This feature helps to disable the bot in the current flow when the user switches to another flow.

It is especially important to disable the bot when there is a "Delay" block in the scenario, since, even when switching to another flow, the message will still be sent to the user when the pause is complete.

By clicking on the cross next to the flow in the user card, you can stop any flow manually.

 If the delayed script is not disabled and the user is redirected to another script, the message will still be sent to the user on time.

Subscribe to a bot

Subscribes the user to the selected bot. This can also be done manually in the user card.

Unsubscribe from the bot

This operation completely deactivates the bot. When the user is unsubscribed from the bot, it simply does not work and does not respond in any way to any of the user's messages. This is also how you can subscribe manually in the user card.

Clear Cart

Clears the user's shopping cart.

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