How to use Chat API promo codes

The Chat API provides the ability to pay for instances at a discount using promo codes for this. As a rule, promo codes are distributed during the validity period of various promotions or when interacting with our partners. Let's figure out how to use promo codes correctly to get the desired discount, but first we'll outline a number of rules when using them:

1 - All promo codes have an expiration date, it can be a month, or maybe six months, it all depends on the specific promotion for which the promo code was compiled. It is best to use promo codes right away, and not put them in the back drawer, because they may stop being active;

2 – One promo code is available for one instance in your personal account. If you try to use several identical promo codes in one personal account, you will get an error that will not allow you to do this;

3 – If you already have a paid instance, then when you enter a promo code, the discount will be automatically credited to the next monthly debit;

4 - We implement almost all loyalty programs (promo codes, discounts, promotions) through the Stripe payment service, more on this below.

Now about how to use promo codes

If you want to connect a promo code to an existing instance, then go to the "payment" section

Select the instance you are interested in at the top of the menu

After that, define Stripe as a payment instrument. When subscribing, you may notice a special field for entering a promo code. Enter the promo code and enjoy the discount.

If you plan to use a promo code to connect a new instance, then first you need to create it in the main instance management menu.

Select the project type "WhatsApp"

Name the project

After that, just subscribe as mentioned above. Don't forget to enter the promo code!

Follow the promotions and events in the Chat API and you will not be left without nice promo codes.

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