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This material contains answers to the most popular questions about connecting WhatsApp Business API via Chat API. If you have not found the answer to your question, then contact our support service; we will be happy to help and subscribe to our telegram support channel to stay up to date with important events and changes in the operation of the service.

Does the Chat API provide the official WhatsApp Business API?

That's right. Chat API has been successfully functioning since 2015 and offers users to optimize communication with customers on WhatsApp through their technological solution. Starting in 2020, we realized the need to provide an official WhatsApp API. From 2021 the Chat API began to connect users to the WhatsApp Business API through the WhatsApp API 360 Dialog provider. How to instantly connect to WhatsApp Business API can be found in detail here.

What exactly are you suggesting?

You can connect the number to the WhatsApp Business API and access the documentation through the Chat API. Also at your disposal will be a free chatbot, docker-hosting, and multi-user chat. A powerful bot builder will be available for an additional fee. The Chat API is suitable for programmers and users without coding skills.

Why didn't I find you on the official Meta partners website?

The fact is that Meta has closed access to the opportunity to declare itself as a BSP (Business Solution Provider) or a partner of the "first wave", the same companies that can be seen here.

At the same time, many organizations (including us) did not want to stay on the sidelines. They found a way to provide the official WhatsApp Business API through BSP, thus becoming API integrators. BSP companies have different approaches to working with partners and offer other conditions. As a result, the price offer for the end-user is formed based on the partners' agreements and the API integrator's internal pricing policy. We offer to connect the number without additional charges for dialogues at the most affordable price. We have tried to make the payment system as transparent as possible. Read more about it here.

How much does connecting the WhatsApp Business API via Chat API cost?

39 dollars for one number per month. There is a decrease in the cost to 30 dollars for a year. We offer individual connection conditions from 10 numbers. You only pay for hosting numbers and "open dialogues" with customers; we have no additional margins on dialogues, and you get 1000 free dialogues per month. The connection itself is free and automated. You can learn more about price formation and the payment mechanism here.

How does the connection work?

Schematically, the connection process can be depicted as follows:

1 – Registration in the Chat API;
2 – Select the registration method in your Chat API personal account and fill out the form for connecting to WhatsApp Business API. You will be given two options -Classic and registration with deferred verification;

Due to the constant change in the Meta infrastructure of its services, Registration with deferred verification is becoming the primary way to connect a number to the WhatsApp Business API. Subscribe to our informational telegram support channel. This way you will be able to follow and be the first to know about the latest changes to the WhatsApp Business API.

3 – Subscribe to the WhatsApp Business API in your account;
4 – Generating the API key in your account 360dialog;
5 – Specifying the API Key in the Chat API personal account;
6 – Approving Message templates from Meta;
7 – Sending and receiving messages in the WhatsApp Business API.

How long does it take to connect?

With the help of a new approach to registration through registration with deferred verification, the connection occurs instantly.

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