The classic way to register a WhatsApp Business API number. Instruction manual

The classic method of registration is one of the options for connecting a number to the WhatsApp Business API. The peculiarity of the classic registration is that to connect to the WhatsApp Business API, you first need to pass the company's verification in Facebook Business Manager, and only after that it will be possible to connect the number. If you want to immediately get an active WhatsApp Business API number at your disposal, then you may be interested in registering with deferred verification. Read more about this here.


Attention! At the moment, you will not be able to register a WhatsApp Business API number following the stages of classic registration, this is due to the fact that FB is constantly changing the infrastructure of its services and with classic registration it has become impossible to verify your business in Facebook Business Manager. Refer to the registration with deferred verification to connect the WhatsApp Business API number. Also subscribe to our informational Telegram support channel: this way you can stay up to date with all the latest changes in the service.

This article is a detailed instruction on how to connect a number using the classic registration method. Let's look at everything in order.

Stage 1. Providing a form for registration and subscription

To connect the WhatsApp Business API, you first need to select a form for registration. In this case, we are analyzing the connection according to the classic version. You need to fill out the classic form and subscribe. Learn more about payment terms and security guarantees here.

Stage 2. Filling out the classical registration form


Enter the mail that is indicated in your Facebook account. An account will be created for this mail in 360 dialog.

You can find your business ID in Facebook Business Manager. To do this, go to the Business Manager settings and select the "Company Information" section. The Business Manager ID will be listed under the company name.




Specify the number that you are going to use for the WhatsApp Business API. Treat the choice carefully. The fact is that the number connected to the WhatsApp Business API can no longer be used in WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business App. We wrote in detail about the choice of a number here.

Check two boxes and accept the terms.

You will then receive a "Welcome to 360 dialog" email asking you to create a password to be able to manage your WhatsApp Business accounts. Create it.

Stage 3. Passing the business verification

After filling out the form and registration, you will need to verify your business through Facebook Business Manager. We have written in great detail about the verification process here.

Stage 4. Confirmation of request in Facebook Business Manager

About a day after submitting the form in 360 dialog, you will receive a request for Facebook Business Manager.

It needs to be answered.
For this:
1 - Go to Facebook Business Manager settings;
2 - Choose a company;
3 - Select the section requests in the menu on the left;
4 - Click accept.

After that, you will receive an email with a confirmation of the request "Accept Message on Behalf Successful". And in 1-3 weeks you will receive a letter with good news - “Your WhatsApp Number is ready for Registration”.

Stage 5. Registration number

The number is ready for registration, there is nothing left.

1 - Go to the 360 ​​dialog website;
2 - Log in through the mail you indicated in the first form and enter the password from the "Welcome to 360 dialog" email;
3 - Click on the "Trigger Registration" button;
4 - Choose how you want to go through verification: through a call or by SMS;
5 - Refresh the page 1-2 times;
6 - Click Finish Registration.

Step 6. Generating the API KEY
1-Go to your personal account 360 Dialog;
2-Click "Generate API KEY";
3-Save this data. You will need to enter the API KEY in your Chat API personal account. After that, the number will be available to you for work.

Congratulations! The official Business WhatsApp API is now available to you.


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