Solving problems when migrating messengers Business API numbers

Registration of a number, as a rule, takes no more than 10 minutes, primarily if you have already issued a Comp Business Manager number before connecting. At the same time, in some cases, complications may occur; let's talk about what they may be associated with and how best to eliminate them.

Before you start analyzing errors and ways to eliminate them, conduct a small self-check. The fact is that the data exchange between Comp and API providers has its delay, so it will be faster to conduct a slight examination on your side. It will also help us understand the cause of the problems and fix it more manageable.

1 – Go to Comp Business Manager in the Account Issues section. Here Comp notifies you about possible problems when registering a number; this information will help you determine the cause of the issues yourself and fix them. Below in this article, we have analyzed the main problems and ways to improve them.

2 – Check the "Notifications" on the main Comp Business Manager page. For the API provider to communicate with your number, you must respond to the notification in Comp Business Manager and approve 360 dialogs as your messengers partner. Without this step, the messengers Business API will not be available.

3 - Check if you received an SMS with a 6-digit code when registering a messengers number. This message is needed so that 360 Dialog can connect the number to MESAPI. If this step was ignored or the letter did not reach you, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure for registering the number (we wrote about this in section 4 of this article). Before that, please check if you have IP telephony or IVR systems installed; disable them – they prevent you from receiving a code with a number.

The first possible cause of the problem is a server freeze

If the registration of the number has been suspended, then the first thing to do is to wait. The problem may be related to the loading of the server. It is worth waiting from 15 to 20 minutes; if the problem has not resolved itself, then try the following actions:

1 - Restart the browser;
2 - Clear the cache;
3 - Try to continue registration through another browser or the incognito window in your browser.

After all the procedures, wait another 15-20 minutes. If these actions were unsuccessful, proceed to the following solutions to the problem.

The second possible cause of the problem is a violation of messengers's trade policy

messengers's trade policy is a set of rules and requirements for your number, company and actions performed in the messenger. At the stage of registration of the number, messengers's trade policy has a special impact, since it is at the moment of registration of the number that your business is checked by Comp.

It is very simple to check if you have a violation of the messengers policy requirements. To do this, go to your Comp Business Manager personal account at this link. If you see a warning banner, it means Comp has a claim against you.


How to go to this section of Comp Business Manager

Now about how to fix them.  First of all, read the policy and make sure that you do not distribute goods and services that Comp considers prohibited:

   -  Medicines and dietary supplements;

    - Medical services, consultations;

    - Financial services, cryptocurrency;

    - Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, weapons;

If your business is related to prohibited industries, but you think the restrictions are not justified, appeal to Comp. Comp very often meets customers halfway, primarily if the appeals are related to the business of providing medical and financial services. The complaint will be considered within 24 hours.

If your business is not related to prohibited industries, then there may still be claims against you from the side of trade policy. They are connected with the correct filling in of “Business Info” in the section of the same name. Very often, registration is suspended due to the lack of complete and detailed information about the business, so specify relevant and up-to-date data:

1 - Business name - the name of your business or other association. Comp sets the name requirements. When specifying the name, proceed from the name of the company in your official documents or public sources (website);
2 - Actual data - select the data that you will be able to document in the future. This will help you in the business verification procedure. Verification is not necessary to connect a business, but it is simply required to expand the capabilities of your number;
3 - Site - the site must be active and accessible. If you don't have a website, you can specify a public Comp page.

Changing the information in this section and their subsequent verification by Comp can take quite a long time - up to 72 hours, so filling in the data correctly before registering the number is especially important. If you change the information already during the number registration, then update the browser window with the messengers Business API connection window every 12 hours for 48 hours. If nothing has changed, then proceed to the instructions below:

The third possible cause of the problem is that the Display name does not meet the requirements of the Comp policy.

Comp also has several requirements for your organization's name – all of them are described in this material. If the naming requirements are violated, the registration of the number will be suspended until these violations are eliminated.

You can view the status of your messengers Business API account here. Just go to Comp Business Manager in the Account issues section, as discussed above.

If the assumption is confirmed, then you can change the name in the Comp Business Manager \ messengers Account section \ Phone numbers


or in the "Business Info" Comp Business Manager. Updating the Display name can take up to 72 hours, but it usually goes much faster.

The fourthpossible cause of the problem is an error in the registration of the number.

It is quite possible that the registration of the number and the creation of a bundle with 360 was incorrect. This happens rarely, but in the case of policy violations, such an error can be caught. In this case, you need to delete the number and register again. In this case, the steps of your actions will be as follows:

1 - Delete the number via Comp Business Manager, WA Account Phone numbers section;

2 - Go to the Chat API personal account and go through the number migration procedure again. Carefully follow all the instructions in this article.

These steps should fix the registration hang if the stack with the number was initially installed incorrectly. Further re-registration should be successful if no violations of the messengers policy requirements were detected.

What exactly should not be done when working independently with Comp Business Manager when connecting a messengers Business API number

1 – Number security certificate. Do not delete or open the certificate with the MESAPI number. This is the data type that only your API provider can work with. If you have deleted the certificate or otherwise changed it, you need to reconnect the number according to the instructions above.

2 – Removing the provider from the partner status. Also a bad decision. Chat API provides API via BSP (Business Solution Partner) 360 dialog, if you remove 36-dialog from partner status, it will lead to problems in registration. The solution will also serve to reconnect the number according to the instructions above.

Write to us if you have any questions about working with messengers Business API , we will be happy to help you. You can find out all the latest news on the work of the service in our telegram channel.


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