What are the substatuses of messages and what do they mean?

We are sorry to inform you that the article has lost its relevance. Perhaps this function is no longer available or the working conditions with the API have changed.


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normal - the instance is running, everything is in order

loading - the instance is loading

offline - offline instance (disabled)

expired - the instance has expired (you need to pay)

opening - the instance is launched

pairing - the session is doubled (meaning 2 active web messengers sessions, in which case the instance will not work correctly)

timeout - the timeout expired (the instance did not respond to the request within 30 seconds)

computer - problems connecting to the computer

phone - problems connecting to the phone

battery_low1 / 2 - the battery is almost discharged (1 and 2 depending on the stage, 2 - the charge is less than 5%)

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