How to log in to the Chat API

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To connect to the messengers API, these materials can help you.

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The Chat API works through the messengers Web protocols, so you need a phone with the messengers or messengers business application to log in with the Chat API.

Scan the QR code that you will see in your personal account using the messengers application. After that, your phone will be connected to the Chat API and you can get to work. How to do it:

1 - In the section of the working instance, select "basic authorization".

2 - Open the messengers application on your phone.

3 - In the upper right part of the screen, click on the "settings" section, it is presented in the form of three vertical dots.

4 - Select messengers Web.

5 - Scan the QR in your personal account using your phone.


Your phone will be connected to the Chat API, old messages will be downloaded, and you can start working with the service. Please note that for comfortable operation, the phone must be connected to a stable network, have a high charge level, and the messengers application must not go into the background.

Also, if your phone is connected to the service, then messengers Web will not be available and vice versa, you will need to end other messengers Web sessions for the Chat API to work stably.

We can also emulate the operation of the device so that you do not have to connect a phone. To activate this feature, please contact support.

You can familiarize yourself with the authorization process in our training video:

To automate the authorization process, In cases where you need to attract customers bypassing authorization in your personal account, you can use the / qr_code function in the documentation section.

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