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Let's tell you what you should know about the Chat API if you are going to get to know us better.

Chat API is a multifunctional messengers API Gateway with extensive messenger capabilities. Chat API has been operating since 2015 and is one of the first and largest providers in Eastern Europe.

A little bit about us in numbers:

- More than 6 years of successful work in the market;
- 18,000 active users in 75 countries;
- 400+ integrations with various platforms, ERP\CRM systems, chat bots;
- 24,000 user requests per minute and more than 1,000,000,000 per month;
- 37 - the average number of connected instances per user.


Chat API clients are programmers and organizations of different directions from all over the world. Our service is used to integrate messengers into our clients' software solutions or to independently introduce Chat API tools into their business processes. Chat API clients are represented in 75 countries around the world. These are mainly India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia.


Initially, the Chat API was a solution for programmers. We paid special attention to documentation, stable communication with messengers and technical capacities, thanks to which we gained the trust of many developers.

Technical features of the Chart API:

- We are the creators of hosting We have a huge expertise in managing docker containers on a scale with SLA 99.5+%;
- Chat API uses 200 servers in its work, with the possibility of online connection of another 100;
- 3200 cores and 25 terabytes of RAM;
- 200+ messengers methods and functions that continue to be updated;
- Highload system, UpTime servers 99.9%;
- Support service 24\7;
- 6,000 messages per day from one number or 15-20 per minute;



To date, the Chart API offers its wide functionality not only to developers, you can use ready-made solutions in your work:

2 chat bots. Menu-bot - for solving simple tasks of building and automating communication with customers. The bot can send all types of files, receive incoming messages, collect information, and warm up clients. We tell you more about it in this video:

And "Visual Chatbot Constructor". A powerful tool for solving more creative tasks. The visual designer can:

- Create various scenarios of communication with clients;
- Randomize messages to clients;
- Create stores with the ability to add and remove products;
- Accept payment via bank cards;
- Notify and remind customers of various events;

You can learn more about the visual designer in the tutorial video:

 and in the knowledge base articles: The first stage. Connecting the visual designer.

Moreover, in the Chat API Personal Account you will find:

- Hyperlink builder, with which you can attract customers to messengers;
- SDK generator, for operational integration with the service;
- Vcard or electronic business card, for quick data exchange with customers;
- Affiliate and bonus programs that will allow you not only to work with the Chat API, but also to earn;

You can get a closer look at the capabilities of the service in our training video:


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The Most Multifunctional API Provider

Chat API has been operating since 2015 and is one of the first and largest providers in Eastern Europe.

Here are some curious and important figures:

  • We have tremendous expertise in docker container management at scale with an SLA of 99.5+%;
  • Chat API involves in its work more than 200 servers, with the ability to quickly connect another 100;
  • 3200 cores and 25 terabytes of RAM;
  • 200+ methods and features that keep adding;
  • Highload system, Up Time servers 99.9%;
  • Support 24\7;
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