How to attract customers to messengers?

There are several ways to engage customers in messengers correspondence. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what tools there are for attracting new customers and how to work with them.

Website widget

Widgets are buttons for switching to messengers placed on the site. When you click on the icon of the desired messenger, your client goes to a chat with your organization.

The widget placed on the site allows you not to lose interested customers when they have questions about your company's product or work. All they need to do is write to the chat, where your manager or bot will respond, who will pique the customer's interest, answer questions and consult on products - depending on the type of your business.


You can create a free widget in the GetButton service.

Links to the chatbot in social media profiles

Social networks - a very powerful tool to promote your brand, provide technical support to customers or active sales on the Internet, because now people spend a huge amount of time in social networks.

On social media, you can use interesting and unique content to gather an audience interested in your product or services and then direct them to messengers for communication, sales and support.

You can generate a short link to chat with your bot in the "Link Shortener" section of the side menu.

QR code

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can encrypt any information, such as a website address, product information, or arbitrary text. Try to visit our website, just point the QR-code with your phone camera and follow the link.

 QR code with a link to the Chat-api website. Point your camera to scan the code.

QR-code allows you to redirect the client to a dialogue in messengers

Examples of QR code use

Using QR codes is the most effective and convenient in offline - you can place the printed code wherever you want and potential clients, having read it, can go to your website, webpage or chat in a messenger.

Promotion of events - place the code with a link to the chat-bot directly on the poster, this will help to gather potential visitors in one place and remind them in advance about the start of the event, send additional information or a promo code.

QR codes in the commercials for Christopher Nolan's film "Inception"

Offline business - if you have a store, cafe or language center, the visitors of which you want to attract to the chat in the messenger, print and place a QR-code right at your premises - place a QR-code at the counter at the cash register, make stickers on the mirrors or souvenirs.

Business card - if you often use business cards, place a QR code with a link to your messenger account on yours. This way it will be easier for new acquaintances to save your contact and start communicating.

You can generate a V-card with our V-card generator 

 Targeted advertising

When running targeted ads, you can attach any link to an ad post, such as a website or messenger chat. The chat link will make it much easier for potential customers to interact with you. It is much easier for a customer to write to you in a messenger by clicking on the link attached to the promotional post than to go to the website, look for a phone number or email to write to.

Targeted advertising with a link to chat in messenger is particularly relevant for you if you conduct your business mainly through social networks or do not have a website at all.

Of messengers, the most convenient is messengers, in which a potential client is guaranteed to leave you his phone number when he starts a dialogue. Later on the collected phone numbers can be used to send out mailings. Also, you can interact with each client repeatedly, for example, send a reminder about a webinar, an unpaid order, or send a promo code for free pizza.

messengers mailing

You can also attract customers to the chat room with the help of mailings in the cold on messengers numbers.

Despite the fact that Chat-api allows you to write to the client "first", we strongly recommend not to do so, you risk being blocked for spam.

SMS mailing

To attract a customer to the chat, you can use a short promotional SMS text message with a link to the chat. Then you can continue communicating with the client in the messenger, for example, to send additional information about the promotion, form an order and accept payment.


A landing page is a small one-page website, optimized to induce an Internet user to take action. A traditional landing page describes the product or service, its benefits and indicates the need to purchase it. Place a chat link in your messenger on your landing page, so potential customers can write to you at any time convenient for them. This will help reduce the load on managers, they will not have to take and make a huge number of calls, they can process requests directly in messenger, corresponding with customers.

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